How to Pick the Perfect Poki Bowl…

With so many different options to choose from, many of you have asked "What are the most popular combinations?"

This is a legit concern! So our team went back and created a "Pairing Guide" so that you can create a delicious poki bowl. It's really simple and easy to follow. It is broken into two sections between "flavor" and "texture" and below is a general breakdown on how it works. If you have any questions feel free to ask any one of our awesome staff members. Cheers to making a harmonious and tasty Pokiland masterpiece!  

(The Pairing Guide is at the bottom of this page)

Flavor: The first step in creating a harmonious bowl/wrap is identifying the flavor profile of the protein and then determining which sauce(s) pairs best with it. 

We broke it down in 3 sections for the proteins

F = Flavor (of Protein)

T = Texture (of Protein)

P = Pairs Best With (Sauce)

*Note: Every sauce compliments each fish differently.

If you're having a difficult time picking a sauce we added the most popular sauce combinations from our customers over the years. You won't be disappointed! (Check bottom right of Pairing Guide)

After you selected your protein with the desired sauce(s) move on down to the bottom right of the guide to finish.

 Note: You are still allowed to choose up to 5 topping selections.

Texture: We believe this is essential because if you have flavor working in conjunction with perfect texture then your taste buds just went from "Good" to "Wow!"

The "Texture section could be a bit confusing at first but it is a really simple concept to follow. It's broken down into two sections.

Hard Toppings: (Textures)

Soft Toppings: (Textures)

For every "hard" topping it counts as a Plus(+) and for every "soft" topping it counts as a Minus(-).

The ideal number for optimal texture will be anywhere from +1 to +3.

For Example: (Non-Harmonious Bowl)

Your five topping selections are:

White Onions (+)

Cucumber (+)

Seaweed (-)

Avocado (-)

Cilantro (-)

You selected 2 "Hard"(+)  toppings and 3 "Soft"(-) toppings.

-3 + 2 = -1

You just created a non-harmonious bowl. If you like this then that is totally fine. This is just a guide and the final decision is up to you!

For Example: (Harmonious Bowl)

Your five topping selections are:

White Onions (+)

Cucumber (+)

Pineapple (+)

Avocado (-)

Bubu Arare (+)

You selected 4 "Hard"(+)  toppings and 1 "Soft"(-) topping.

4 - 1 = +3

You just created a harmonious bowl. Yum!

Happy Pickings!